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Do You Have Questions About Automowers?
We're Here to Answer Them.

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Automatic Lawn Mower
  • How does the Automower know where to cut?
    A perimeter wire is run around the property to guide the smart mower. The X Series Husqvarna Automower also uses GPS to learn the layout of your yard and navigate your lawn for optimal coverage. GPS lawn mowing, paired with professionally installed perimeter wire, allows your automatic mower to mow your lawn so you don't have to!
  • Do trenches need to be dug into my yard to lay wires?
    No digging is required to install the perimeter wires for the Automower. Instead, the wires are laid by “stapling” them into the dirt. This makes Husqvarna Automower guidewire installation and repair fast and easy, eliminating the need to regrow dug up grass.
  • What if the perimeter wire gets cut?
    Should something happen to the guiding wire, the Automower Connect app will notify you as well as our monitoring team. If guidewire repairs are needed, we will come out and patch or replace the guide wires ASAP.
  • Are Automowers safe for kids and small pets?
    Yes, Automowers are equipped with sensors to detect people, pets, and obstacles so the automatic mower can safely avoid them. The Automower’s blades automatically stop if it’s picked up. While new to many Americans, over 1 million Husqvarna Automowers have been sold in Europe over the past 25 years, all while maintaining a stellar safety record.
  • Can the Automower handle dog waste?
    The Automower should not have issues with dog waste unless you have multiple dogs or an especially big dog. That said, picking up after your dogs regularly will help the Automower run cleaner.
  • What happens to the grass clippings?
    Because the Automower trims the grass so frequently, the clippings are small enough to simply fall back into the soil where they act like a natural fertilizer -- no need to rake or bag them.
  • Can the Automower handle sidewalks, driveways, and rocky terrain?
    Automowers can cross over sidewalks and driveways without issue. Gravel and uneven ground are usually fine, too. During installation, we’ll test to make sure the Automower can navigate all the terrain it needs to travel over.
  • Will Automower keep running when I’m out of town?
    Yes, that’s one of the perks of a Husqvarna Automower! It is an automatic mower after all! Your grass will continue to be cut like clockwork so you come home to a beautiful yard. You can monitor your robotic lawn mower remotely from the Automower Connect app. If problems need troubleshooting while you’re out of town (like a downed tree branch blocking the Automower’s path), our monitoring team can handle it for you.
  • Can the Automower work in the rain?
    Husqvarna Automowers are built to work just fine in dew and light rain. If the downpour gets to be too much, the automatic lawn mower is programmed to return to its charging station or find a safe spot to wait out the storm.
  • Can Automower handle hills?
    Some remote lawn mowers for hills can mow terrain as steep as 70 percent slope.
  • How big of a yard can the Automower handle?
    The Automower can mow up to 2 acres of grass. For yards larger than 2 acres, several automatic mower units can team up to tackle all of it. If you need a robot mower for larger lawns, our team of specialists can help you figure out your needs and get you set up!
  • Can the Automower be scheduled to run at certain times?
    Yes, absolutely. You can schedule when your Husqvarna Robot Automower runs. If you need to use your yard while it’s running, you can always send the smart mower back to its charging station where it will wait until told to resume.
  • What if my Automower gets stolen?
    Automowers won’t work outside of the lawn they were installed on, making them useless to anyone else. Your Autmower will also have our identifying stickers and a unique ID code. Automower models with GPS lawn mowing capabilities can be tracked remotely through the Automower Connect app.
  • I'm having problems with Husqvarna's Automower Connect app. What should I do?
    If the Connect was previously working, you may need to restart the app and/or Automower. Turn off the Automower for 1 minute, then see if it syncs with Connect once it turns back on. If that does not resolve your Automower issues, you can find more troubleshooting steps on in Husqvarna's online support or contact us for assistance.
  • Why is my Automower reporting that "Charging station blocked"?"
    You will receive a status of "Charging station blocked" when the Automower is either physically blocked from returning to the Automower charging station (such as an object in the way) or possibily if the charging strips or contact strips are unable to make good contact. If the robotic mower is not physically blocked from entering the charging station but still reports this error, the contacts may need servicing or repair.
  • How long do the blades last?
    The lifespan of the smartmower blades depends on your yard's soil and grass types. Blades typically last 1-2 months on 1000 sq. meters. Thankfully, our residential and commercial robot mowers are very easy to maintain. You can replace the Automower's lightweight blades in a few minutes with a regular screwdriver, or we can do this service for you.
  • I forgot my PIN code. How do I retrieve it?
    Contact us (or your Husqvarna Robot Automower dealer) and we will help you retrieve your pin.
  • What are the advantages of mowing your lawn in a random pattern?
    By mowing in seemingly random patterns, you stimulate richer and fuller grass growth. Over two decades of Automower experience has shown this to be the most reliable way to cover the whole yard and create the lushest grass growth.
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